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May 2018

Review: ThermaLeaf Fire Retardant Silk Plants

I was recently contacted by a representative from ThermaLeaf┬«, a company that makes fire retardant artificial foliage, to see if I would be interested in reviewing their products.  I admit, I was skeptical at first because I have never been in love with silk flowers or plants.  I always think of unnaturally colored, gaudy alien flowers with thread-bare petals and green plastic nubby stems. But after looking through their online catalog and seeing the variety of plants and flowers to choose from, I quickly changed my tune.  Plus this season's pollen counts have made it nearly impossible for me to even step outside let alone even think about tending my garden.  My front porch was in need of some spring color.

I opted for the Bourgainvillea Topiary.  Online, the picture is gorgeous.  The size (34" x 22" x 22") seemed perfect for our front porch next to the entryway. Again, the skeptic in me was leery about how it would look when it arrived at my house.  And again, that skeptic was crushed!  When the topiary arrived, it came in a very large roomy box.  Very little fluffing of the branches was needed in order to make the flowering tree look natural and pretty.  This particular product comes in a sturdy wooden planter with realistic ivy creeping up the stem.  The color is so natural even hummingbirds think it's real!  

It's not specified on the website whether or not this topiary should be placed outdoors, but I have had it on my covered front porch a week and it has held up very nicely through five days of straight rain and wind.  It is just gorgeous.  What do you think?




Check out ThermaLeaf┬« online at : http://www.thermaleaf.com/

And as an added bonus, if you'd like to buy at SilkPlantsDirect.com, use code "BLOGGER10" for 10% off on products (except custom).