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Tips for work-at-home parents when your kid is home sick

Sick kid

The day starts out as usual.  You get dressed, start the coffee, think about all the work you have to do that day, go to wake up the kids and BAM! ...One of them is sick.  

Hey, it happens.  And it stinks.  But there isn't much you can do to stop it.  So, you start rearranging your entire day to accommodate.  Before you catch on fire from all the gears turning in your head, please read these quick tips that might help:

 1. Work in spurts- Don't look at the big picture; go frame by frame instead.  Completing one small task at a time will be much easier on your brain.

2. Realize you won't get even half of what you want done. And that's OK.  

3. Put your kid first. Cuddle him.  Help him regain his health.  Give him chicken soup and crackers.  Tuck him in blankets on the couch.  Sit with him and read.  Do whatever it takes to make him feel comfortable and loved.  

4. Let him watch TV allll day.  Seriously.  Don't stress yourself out about the amount of screen time he's getting.  It's one day.  His brain isn't going to turn to mush.  

5. Make a funny note (that will only be funny to you) by jotting down all the questions he asks you.  Or at least mark how MANY questions he asks.  There will be a lot.  If you don't find the humor in it, then it could be a very long day.  

6. Stop stressing.  Take a deep breath and really evaluate what your day could be like.  Most of the time, I overwork it in my head and think I couldn't possibly get everything done.  But it all mysteriously does get done regardless of how much or little I stress about it.  So I have decided that stressing about the extra work isn't necessary.

And when all else fails...

7. Resign to doing the work later.  Just stop and walk away from the work.  So you might have to go to bed an hour later tonight.  Or you might have to wake up early tomorrow.  That's ok.  Go rest with your kid now.  Remember, he's counting on you just as much as your boss, if not much much more.

Good luck and I hope your kid is feeling better ASAP!