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Get a Life and Guess the Mess! - two more great games by R & R Games - #Review & #Giveaway

Disclosure: I was given these two games to review at no charge.  No other compensation was given.  All opinions are my own.   R&R collage

The people at R & R Games really know how to make education fun.  Every game we have played so far from R & R Games has been so much fun, my kids have no idea they are learning valuable lessons from them.  That's pretty much a key ingredient in a successful game, in my book.  

Today I want to tell you all about Get a Life and Guess the Mess! which both totally rock.  

Get a Life

Get a Life is a game where your friends get to choose a life for you (home, career, roommate, etc.) and you get to decide whether or not it fits or completely doesn't fit your style!  Using cards with different locales, vehicles, and other factors, players choose what they think you will like.  You then choose which player had the best (or worst) life picked out for you.  It reminds me of a much more refined version of those little folded paper fortune teller thingies we used to make as kids... the ones that had little numbered flaps on them which were opened to reveal certain lifestyle choices.  Get a Life is a really fun game that can bring a lot of laughs to your kids' next sleepover party!

Guess the Mess

Guess the Mess! is also a great game to play with a bunch of people.  Using only one hand, you have 30 seconds to grab as many pictures of items you think will describe your predetermined hiding place.  For example, you may have chosen "In a kitchen pantry", so you would search through the pile of pictures to find things like flour, pasta, soup cans, etc.  The game comes with what seems like a thousand picture cards so the fun lasts for a long time!

What I love about both of these games is the same thing I love about all R & R Games... they make you think.  I love that they keep my kids' brains working alongside their emotions in order for them to play.  You need to use reasoning skills, context clues, and knowledge of the people you are playing with in order to succesfully answer the questions put in front of you.

I also love that the object of these games isn't really about winning in the end.  Yes, there can be a winner of the game, but the actual act of playing them is more fun than the end result.  In fact, I can't recall who actually won the games when we played them.  And let me tell you, we are usually a VERY competitive family when it comes to games.  

I highly recommend Get a Life AND Guess the Mess! for your next family game night, friendly gathering, or even a wonderful holiday activity when you have a houseful of people this season!  

The people at R & R Games were gracious enough to offer me two games (1 Get a Life, 1 Guess the Mess!) to give away here on Whatever Works just in time for the holidays!  All you need to do is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form and complete the tasks!  Best of luck to you.

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