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Strike a Pose - review of R & R Games' fun game and another giveaway!

I'll tell ya, this month is awesome.  I've teamed up with R & R Games to bring you all some seriously fun games.   Strikeapose

You may have already read about Time's Up! - the awesome 'guess who I am' game where you try to get your teammate to guess who you are by talking, gesturing, and doing just about anything you can without saying the exact words written on your name card.  Well, today I'm going to talk about another game Strike a Pose that was developed as an off-shoot of Time's Up!  

Time's Up! is normally played in three rounds: First round, you can say anything you want.  Second round, you can only say one word.  Third round, you can't say a word, but can act out.  But there is also a secret round you can play...the fourth round.  In the fourth secret round, you are supposed to pretend you are a statue and strike a pose that you think will allow your teammate to guess your name.  Everyone was having so much fun playing that secret round so the developers at R & R Games decided to make it its own game.  

Strike a Pose was born!

In Strike a Pose, one person per round is considered the Statue Collector.  He or she will have to guess what pose you are striking based on the card selected.  It's very easy to follow when you have the cards in front of you.  Each round, the Statue Collector changes so that everyone has a chance to play.  It's basically charades without the movement.  

We have been playing Strike a Pose for a few weeks now and we LOVE it!  The game says it is for 10+ in age, but my 6 year-old son has no problem at all playing.  We just have to cherry pick the cards that he can understand because some of them have items or topics that he has not yet learned about.

What I love about Strike a Pose is that it forces you to think about the way others might perceive your actions.  What may make complete sense to my daughter may not make any sense at all to my son.  So when striking a pose, she has to do it in a way that HE will understand.  As a mom, it is a great thing to witness.  Even if they don't realize it, they are working together.  And I like that.

Once again, I am thrilled with the quality and concept of this R & R Game.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have some fun at your next gathering.  My daughter is having a sleepover party for her birthday and can't WAIT to play this one with her girlfriends!  

 And as promised, I'm giving away a copy of Strike a Pose to one lucky reader! I hope you'll enter to win.  And as always, PLEASE remember to complete all the tasks you have chosen on the rafflecopter form in order for your entries to count.  (If you choose 'leave a blog post comment' you must actually leave a comment on the blog itself. If you choose 'tweet about the giveaway' you must actually tweet, not just click the button on the rafflecopter.)

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You can check out Strike a Pose and all of R & R's awesome games at www.rnrgames.com