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May 2014

Jamberry review and info on how to become a part of the Jamberry team!

Have you ever used Jamberry nails?

I was given a few to try out a while ago by my friend Jenna who is a Jamberry team leader at Urban Mom.  She wanted me to give my opinion on the nail decals and give you all some info on purchasing.  But more importantly, I want to help her promote her business as a Jamberry consultant.  Currently, she is looking for more people to join her team of consultants.  

 Because my favorite past time is picking at my nail polish, (OK I know that's bad, but... I can't help myself!) I like the idea of Jamberry nails being a decal.  I tried out this one with cherries on it and really liked it!   Jamberry2

Here is some info about the operation:

Jamberry Nail Wraps are a fun alternative to nail polish and are among the hottest trends in celebrity fashion. Jamberry Nail Wraps are a vinyl film covering that can be applied directly tothe nail to achieve a professional salon look. There is no drying, no chipping, no smudging, no chemicals, and no damage to the natural nail! They are affordable, easy to apply, long lasting, and can be done in the convenience of your own home!

Jamberry Nail Wraps have over 400 different designs to choose from, as well as the Custom Nail Art Studio, so you can let your personality shine! 

One sheet allows you to get 3-4 manicures for $15. Jamberry Nails will last on fingers up to 14 days and on toes up to 8 weeks. It takes about 15 minutes to apply a full set of nails. 
If you are interested in becoming a Jamberry consultant, here are some details:
It costs $99 (+ tax and shipping) to start. You get everything you need to do your first few parties, including catalogs and brochures. You must sell a minimum of $600 retail in one year to remain a consultant. Your own personal orders count towards your retail sales.
Jenn tells me, "In just 4 months, I am making more money at this part time job then my full time teaching job." 
The hours are flexible and you can work as much or little as you like. Most of the time is spent answering emails, sending out samples, sharing designs and setting up parties. 
To contact Jenna or read more about Jamberry Nails, check out these sites:

The tale of the Axinator - Review of BabyPop Designs and GIVEAWAY!

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Ax.  Ax liked to walk around his neighborhood looking for damsels in distress that needed saving, bank robbers who needed thwomping, and other dastardly schemes that involve the much needed help of a super hero.

Then one day, Ax's mom handed him a package that had come in the mail.

Ax opened it to find a mask and a cape with a lightning bolt emblazoned on it with two letters that read...Ax.

Immediately, Ax put it on and became... Axinator1

Through his mask, the Axinator scanned the area for trouble.  He spotted a lonely caterpillar... trapped on the burning hot pavement! Axinator collage

The Axinator moved quickly and scooped up the caterpillar.  He ran as swiftly as he could to the safest spot: the grass.  He put the caterpillar safely in the grass and backed away...knowing that he had just saved the day.

So now that you know the tale of the Axinator, I want to tell you a little bit about the dynamic cape and mask duo we received from BabyPop Designs!  

Both cape and mask are made from premium satin and eco-friendly felt.  Each cape is custom made based on color, logo and initials.  The capes are very well made with finished edges and a Velcro neck closure.  Masks come in two different shapes and a variety of colors as well.  BabyPop Designs also makes other cool superhero-y items like gloves, shirts, crowns, full costumes and even capes for your dolls or pets!  Oh, and you can get one too, Mom or Dad!  All items at BabyPop Designs are very reasonably priced (child's cape- $17, mask- $4.50)

As a bonus, BabyPop Designs was very gratious to offer this wonderful giveaway for a customized cape and mask!  One lucky winner will receive a cape and mask combo in the color of his or her choice.  The cape can be made with your choice of logo: Crown, star, lighten bolt, shield, circle, or heart.  Just enter below using the Rafflecopter form.  PLEASE remember to complete each task if you choose it as an entry.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And be sure to check out BabyPop Designs! 


I received a cape and mask from BabyPop Designs for my honest review of the product.

Winner announced!

photo courtesy of Feld Motor Sports

Congrats to Dave M. on winning the 4 tickets to see Monster Jam at MetLife Stadium on June 14th!  Dave said his family loves all the Gravedigger trucks, but he's secretly rooting for Zombie!  

Have a great time Dave!  

It's Monster Jam ticket giveaway time again!

Monster Jam is coming to MetLife stadium on June 14th for their New Jersey leg of this year's Path of Destruction tour!  

Photo courtesy of Feld Motorsports

 This year's participants include:

  • Grave Digger® driven by Dennis Anderson
  • Max-D℠ driven by Tom Meents
  • Grave Digger The Legend® driven by Adam Anderson
  • Son-uva Digger® driven by Ryan Anderson
  • Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw
  • Mohawk Warrior® driven by George Balhan
  • Northern Nightmare℠ driven by Cam McQueen
  • Lucas Oil Crusader® driven by Linsey Weenk
  • Team Hot Wheels® Firestorm® driven by Scott Buetow
  • El Toro Loco® driven by Marc McDonald
  • Monster Mutt® Dalmatian driven by Candice Jolly
  • Madusa®
  • Zombie℠ driven by Sean Duhon
  • El Diablo℠ driven by JP
  • and More being announced almost every day!   
photo of Max D courtesy of Feld Motorsports

To get the latest on competitors revealed to the star-studded line-up, be sure to follow Monster Jam on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Fans can also subscribe to the YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/MonsterJamLive.


photo of Mohawk Warrior courtesy of Feld Motorsports

As you know, I LOVE Monster Jam.  I know you do, too.  I asked my friends who do the PR for this event if I could pretty please have some tickets to give away and guess what... they said YES!

So I've got a family 4 pack of tickets for you!  All you need to do is fill out this awesome Rafflecopter form AND COMPLETE THE TASKS REQUIRED and you're IN it to WIN it! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have any questions about the giveaway, please feel free to email me at cynthialeemom@yahoo.com.