My experience with endometrial ablation | Part 2: One day after the procedure
My experience with endometrial ablation | Part 4: Two weeks after the procedure

My experience with endometrial ablation | Part 3: One week after the procedure

SO... it has been one week and one day since my ablation and I can honestly tell you I feel physically 100% fine from it.  I am thoroughly surprised at how well everything feels in that general area.  I thought for sure there would be some remaining pain or soreness, but there is really nothing.  

Since there really isn't much to report on the subject, I thought I would take this opportunity to answer some of the more "interesting" questions I've been asked about the whole thing.  There are some things that you may not feel comfortable asking your doctor about, but I definitely encourage you to do it anyway.  While reading here and in other places are great for learning about other people's experiences, it is always best to talk to your doctor about anything pertaining to your own health.

I want to give everyone fair warning right now that some of the questions and explanations may not be for the faint at heart.  So if you would rather not read on, I completely understand.  OK, here we go...

The most frequently asked question I hear pertains to the amount of blood I experienced after the procedure.  Surprisingly enough, there was very minimal blood.  There is a bit of spotting and a watery discharge that comes and goes, but wearing a thin pad or a liner is enough.  There was one day over the weekend when I did have a small bit more bleeding, but I think that was because it coincided with the date when I would normally have had my period.  I think my body was just adjusting.

The second most asked question is about how I am feeling.  I really do feel fine... physically.  I had some minor cramping the same day over the weekend when I had the spotting.  But otherwise everything feels exactly the same as it did beforehand.

I am not going to lie, though... mentally I am not really sure yet.  As you read in my post the day after the procedure, I had experienced some sadness which I attributed to the anesthesia.  That did go away after a day or two.  However, I still have a lingering sense of 'What If?'  

I don't think I made the wrong decision.  However, I can't shake the fact that I willingly ended my body's chance of ever having a baby again.  I know this is an irrational thought because I had consciously made the decision to have no more children a LONG time ago.  And I STILL do not want any more children.  Because I know my thinking is irrational, I will definitely talk to my doctor about it when I see him next week.  

I will update you all again after my visit with the doctor and let you know if anything else comes up in the meantime.  And PLEASE let me know if you have any questions.  You can either comment below or send me an email at [email protected]  I don't know if I can help you, but I certainly will try.  

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