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I'm waiting, Patience. Where are you already?


Since having children, everything moves at such a fast pace.  Nothing is slow.  Toss in the internet and an iPhone that can give me any bit of information at the touch of a screen and my brain is in overdrive every second of every day.  

My personal motto has always been If I can, I will.  But how fast does it all really NEED to get done?

I wake up every morning moving the gears of the day in my head so that they keep the machine running.  But I never stop moving those gears. There is always something added in that changes everything.

I always complain that there is not enough time.  No time.  Sorry, I have no time. All booked up.  Can't add even one more thing to the schedule.  

Truth is there is plenty of time.  I just don't have the patience to use it wisely.  

Whenever there is a lull in activities, I fill that space with something.  Whenever I need to know something, I look it up right away.  Whenever I want a cookie, I eat a cookie.

So, my dear friend Patience ...where did you go?

I think once I stop all this instant gratification, I will find Patience looking like The Dude sitting in a recliner chuckling at me.  Wondering why I look so frantic all the time.  Telling me to chill the F out.

I think I'll abide.