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November 2013

I'm waiting, Patience. Where are you already?


Since having children, everything moves at such a fast pace.  Nothing is slow.  Toss in the internet and an iPhone that can give me any bit of information at the touch of a screen and my brain is in overdrive every second of every day.  

My personal motto has always been If I can, I will.  But how fast does it all really NEED to get done?

I wake up every morning moving the gears of the day in my head so that they keep the machine running.  But I never stop moving those gears. There is always something added in that changes everything.

I always complain that there is not enough time.  No time.  Sorry, I have no time. All booked up.  Can't add even one more thing to the schedule.  

Truth is there is plenty of time.  I just don't have the patience to use it wisely.  

Whenever there is a lull in activities, I fill that space with something.  Whenever I need to know something, I look it up right away.  Whenever I want a cookie, I eat a cookie.

So, my dear friend Patience ...where did you go?

I think once I stop all this instant gratification, I will find Patience looking like The Dude sitting in a recliner chuckling at me.  Wondering why I look so frantic all the time.  Telling me to chill the F out.

I think I'll abide.

K-cup Christmas Countdown Calendar

Let me start by saying I am more than excited about this project.  

Like a lot of people, we are always over run with Halloween candy this time of year.  We usually make ourselves an advent calendar (or countdown calendar, whatever you want to call it) with the candy out of posterboard and some tape, but it usually takes up a lot of space.  This year I wanted to do something different.

While I pondered advent calendar ideas and made myself a cup of coffee - feeling guilty about throwing away yet another used K-cup- it hit me:

SAVE those K-cups and use them to make an advent wreath!

Calendar Title

I am so pleased with how this turned out, I wanted to share it with you.

This is what you will need:

1 12" flat fiberboard craft frame

25 emptied & cleaned K-cups

hot glue gun

25 small rubber bands (I borrowed some from my daughter's bracelet loom)

50 3-4" squares of tissue paper (whatever colors you like)


Round stickers (optional)

After you clean and dry the K-cups (don't throw away that used coffee!  Put it out in your garden instead), arrange them so they will fit on the craft frame leaving a small space between each.  They will not fit fully on the frame and will hang off the edges.  Use your glue gun to secure them to the frame by placing a small amount of hot glue on the bottom of the K-cup in the spot where the little hole is.  That way when you press it to the frame the glue will go through the hole and make it more securely fastened. Calendar bones

Once all the K-cups are in place, fill them with whatever you'd like.  We used our leftover Halloween candy, but anything small would work.  Small notes or puzzle pieces might be nice. Calendar filled

Once they are filled, start covering your K-cups.  Use two layers of tissue paper for each cup.  Use a rubber band to fasten the tissue paper to each cup.  Work your way around the wreath until every cup is covered. Calendar partial

You can stop right there and just write the numbers 1-25 on the cups, but I liked using a few white circle stickers to give the wreath more character. Calendar close up

Now you are all set!  Your kids will love poking through the paper for a little treat each day and you can feel good that you are using up those K-cups instead of throwing them away!  Hope you like it. Calendar Title

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