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College Dorm Room Chic is the new Shabby Chic

 Last winter I attempted to clean out my freezer and pantry by skipping the grocery shopping for a bit.  I was convinced that our family of four could live off what was in there for at least that long without buying anything else besides the essentials.  It worked out so great, I thought I would do it again this summer.  Here are some things I got out of the experience:

-Three things that are not good substitutes for milk in your hot beverage when it's gone: butter, ricotta cheese, yogurt.

-Two things that are good substitutes: Hershey syrup and vodka.

-Putting all that mint that took over your backyard in a bowl won't go over well with the fam if you try to pull it off as a salad.

-Some spices make a nice tea when you pour hot water over them.  Ginger is a great example.  On a similar note, you know what bears a striking resemblance to maggots? Wet fennel seeds.

-After digging deep into the furthest recesses of the pantry I found the powdered milk I bought before Hurricane Sandy. Good news! It tastes exactly the same whether it is expired or not!  According to my son, it made his tea taste like Chinese food, so I'm thinking of serving it with rice for an exotic dinner tonight.

-We STILL have a bottle of Jaegermeister in the freezer.

-Expiration dates on frozen vegetables are just a myth. How did I prove it? Because I found some spinach in there with an expiration date somewhere in '07 (we moved here in '08) and it still tasted good despite the strange color.

-If you light an apple pie scented candle while eating saltines dipped in applesauce, it's almost like you've got the real thing. 

-Sneaking kale into a smoothie is cool.  Making a smoothie out of only kale is disgusting.

Now that we are finished with this summertime project, I have well-proven my point that a family of four can live off of what is in our house for at least a week at any given time.  

...I did not say they will live happily, but that's what the Jaeger is for.  Cheers!