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Another great day at the Tuckerton Seaport! A review of the Privateers & Pirates Fest

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As usual, the Tuckerton Seaport got another huge checkmark in my book of awesomeness last weekend.  On Saturday my family & I attended their Privateers and Pirates Fest which we had been excited about since hearing of it.  My son is really into pirates, so this was absolutely perfect for him.  

We even dressed the part!


After meeting up with some of my other bloggin' buddies and getting our treasure map, we went downstairs in the Seaport's visitor center to complete some crafts.  They really went all out with aluminum foil/cardboard daggers and paper parrots for your shoulder.   

Making his dagger


I will call him George!

 I jokingly commented to the lovely woman at the parrot station that she must have been cutting out all those parrot parts for days.  She replied that it was more like weeks!  

After we explored a bit more of the visitor's center which included a sealife exhibit and a real live talking parrot, we ventured outside into the world of the pirates.  My son was absolutely mesmerized. I mean, these were REAL pirates in his eyes (which were twinkling like crazy the whole day).  The first thing that caught his eye was a little plank set up for kids to walk.  He jumped right up there and got his picture taken immediately.


 One pirate asked him if he wanted to sword fight.   

Now that's a serious pirate!

 My son said no, which surprised me.  After we walked away, he advised me he didn't want to do it because his little aluminum foil dagger was not big enough...he needed a "real" sword.  It was easy enough to find one as there were vendors galore with everything pirate related.  They were very reasonably priced, I might add.  We found a $4 plastic sword and went on our way to see a cannon demonstration - always keeping our eyes out for that sword fighting pirate.

BOOM goes the cannon

 After the cannons blasted a few times, we went into the big tent to listen and watch some pirate musicians sing the songs of the sea.  A nice pirate lady with a display of assorted pirate memorabilia explained so much to my son about different types of guns and weapons, I think his head was about to explode with excitement.  He told me all about what he learned on our walk to Perrine's Boat Works to see all the sneakboxes being made.

At that point, my daughter joined us after her soccer game (which they won, woohoo!) and we took a walk over to the Tucker's Island Lighthouse.  We were greeted by a pirate at the doorway explaining some different types of trials pirates endured through the years.  We then strolled up to the top of the lighthouse for a quick pic and headed back down.

What a view!

 I had mentioned earlier that we received a treasure map.  That map had various locations in the Seaport listed where we were supposed to visit and get a sticker.  Once all the stickers were received, we could pick a prize from the treasure chest.  That was our last stop for the day! 

Can you guess what he chose? Give up? It was a duck.

 We had a great time once again at the Tuckerton Seaport and plan to go back many times this summer for their many events.  Our favorite is the free Friday night concert series that runs throughout the summer.  We pack up our cooler, grab some glow sticks and snacks for the kids and head over for a great family evening every chance we get.  

For a complete listing of all the Tuckerton Seaport's events, check out their website at :  You can also visit their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter @TuckertonSeaprt  

Hope to see you there! 

Whadda ya say, George?