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There is nothing good about 3:AM anymore

When I was younger, I was a night owl.  Being awake at 3:AM meant the party was still going on or there was a great movie being watched.  It meant weird, crazy snacks and giggles.  It meant late night talks with friends and boys and being a little sleepy was cute on the phone.  It meant I was young.  It meant I could do ANYthing.

Now being awake at 3:AM is just bad news.  Now it means a sick kid or insomnia or that the heat isn't kicking on.  It means a snoring spouse or an insistent bladder or a thought that just couldn't let you close your eyes anymore.  

Now 3:AM phone calls are the most dreaded thing in the universe.  A 3:AM phone call means something bad most likely happened.  Because no one in their right mind would call a parent at 3:AM to chat about last night's episode of American Idol or find out what she's wearing the next day to work.  There is nothing cute about being sleepy anymore.  Now it's just not allowed.

I now prefer the light of day.  Where there are no blurred lines.  Where everything can be seen clearly.  Kids' smiling faces... fully awake thought patterns...dinner plans...homework at the kitchen table...

Bye bye, 3:AM.  I'll miss you , my old friend.  But not too much.