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December 2012

Who wants some Monster Jam tickets? Enter here! ~Ticket Giveaway~

!!DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MIDNIGHT 12/27!!AAPMJ_2011 logo_SM (2)We LOVE Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam.  Bottom line.  Our family is obsessed with it.  We went last year and got to meet Dennis Anderson and sit in Grave Digger.  Yep, we did.  We wrote our names on a crushable car and watched it get demolished under the huge tires of about 3 different monster trucks.  We caught a shirt from the guys that were shooting them up into the crowd- well, the guy behind us did, but he kindly gave us the shirt.  We wore those awesome truck tire earmuffs to block the sound.  We got souvenirs out the yin yang.  We had a GREAT time.  

Guess what?  Monster Jam is coming back to town in January.  Oh, we're SO there.  

And guess what else?  ...We want you to go, too.

Here's your chance to win 4 tickets to experience Monster Jam for yourself!  If you win, you can have your pick of seeing it at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island on Friday, January 25th or at the IZOD Center in New Jersey on Friday, February 1st.

All you have to do is follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter form below.  It's pretty easy.  The only mandatory entry on the Rafflecopter form requires you to leave a blog post comment. But you can get bonus entries by completing the other tasks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will run until Christmas Eve, so hopefully you will have a nice present for yourself and three guests come Christmas morning.

It will be a really fun show. Here is an excerpt from their recent press release:

"This four-wheeled extravaganza featuring heart-pounding racing and unbelievable freestyle driving will feature some of the most popular monster trucks at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale from January 25-27 and at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford from February 1-2. 

Fan favorites include the legendary Grave Digger, who’s been thrilling audiences for more than 30 years, El Toro Loco, a raging bull and one of the most recognizable trucks in Monster Jam, and more. "

Hey, even if you don't win, tickets are VERY affordable.  $15 for kids and $30 for adults.  How about a last minute Christmas gift for those monster truck lovin' people on your shopping list?

Check out monsterjam.com for more details.  And GOOD LUCK!  I hope you win.

My son and God

IMG_0357I just found a post on here that I had started writing (but never finished) back in November. I swear I don't remember writing it.  That last month or so after Hurricane Sandy was a serious blur.  I don't recall the specifics of most days from that time period.  The one thing I do recall though is talking to God a lot.  That's what that unfinished post was about: my conversations with God.  

Funny, but that's kind of the reason why I signed on today.  I was planning on writing about the little things I've been overhearing lately when listening in on my son's converations with God.  I've been catching him talk every once in a while to an unseen source.  He seems to ask questions and get answers.  It's very cool.

He's 4.  He comes to church with us and basically uses the pews and the fold-down kneelers as a place to drive his Matchbox cars.  He dreads the hour we have to sit there because it does not involve video games or bubble gum.  He's like most 4 year-olds.

So it surprised me when he suddenly started chiming in with night time prayers and having these one-on-one talks with the Big Man.  The other day when he wasn't feeling well he asked, "God? Why am I breathing this way?"...pause..."Oh, OK.  Thanks."

Of course, I inquired about the conversation.  He said God told him he might have to take some medicine.

Yesterday as he sat watching TV, I saw him raise his hand up and say something under his breath.  He looked at me and said, "I was just telling God that it was the TV, not me that just said 'Oh my God'.  I didn't want him to think I was calling him or anything."

Now, I know everyone has their own relationship with God.  And I know that it takes time to find it.  It took me 37 years.  I also know that relationships change over time and that they ebb and flow like the tides.  I am just happy that my son is heavy into it right now.  

Maybe the silver lining of Hurricane Sandy for me is that it helped my son get closer in his relationship with God..? Because of all the talking he overheard from my lips...all the questions and answers...all the love...  

Yes, that's definitely it.  

Oh, and it's super cute when he prays, too.  He thinks the word Amen is actually Eight Pens.