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National Bullying Prevention month: A Letter for Lucia by Perry Vision Divirgilio

National Bullying Prevention Month: Little Punk People prove it can't rain all the time

October is Bullying Prevention Month.  Coincidentally, my friends at Little Punk People recently made a promotional video for their awesome company, but the underlying theme is about bullying.  Check it out.


Little Punk People is made up of husband and wife Justin & Daniela Fullam.  They have this really great son Elliott who is featured in the video.  Daniela and Justin are both tremendous artists with a knack for making even the most macabre subjects seem less frightening - more "normal".  

I love this video for a lot of different reasons.  Not only does it have a good message, it utilizes Little Punk People's style and uses characters and visuals I can relate to.  I personally like things that are out of the ordinary.  Things that are just slightly off kilter from the every day.  This video could be a dream I once had.  It's so similar to my thoughts.  

I also have always been a firm believer that outside appearances mean close to nothing.  Nothing.  I know nothing of fashion.  I couldn't tell you if a pair of jeans were Lees or Lucky Brands.  I buy clothes stictly because I have to and only wear things that make ME happy.  Sometimes, I'm sure I get funny looks because I don't necessarily match...or my blue nail polish is cracked up...or my hair might not be styled just right.  But ya know what?  It doesn't bother me.  I come home to my family who loves me for who I am.

This video is a testament to loving families everywhere- no matter what type of family you have.  The real world can be frightening when people treat you unkindly.  But if there is a place to come home to with loving parents who know you, it can't be bad all the time.  Your family can give you power to overcome any bully out there.

The whole point is, love one another.  There will be people out there that will try to do your children harm for no reason at all.    It's heartbreaking.  While we can all work on trying to fix that, we need to have a respite for our kids in the meantime.  Support your children.  Give them solace when their worlds turn upside down.  

To remind you of this, Little Punk People has given me a couple of their fansatical shirts to give away.  The two shirts they sent over are of the Boo Crew - which is a depiction of Elliott and his friends.  Please enter to win, but also check out Little Punk People  online.  Their artwork is truly amazing and beautiful.  Some is for kids, some is for adults, but it's all for fun.  

Here are the shirts:

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a Rafflecopter giveaway Best of luck!  I hope you win.