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"Hammin' Around" and Tinkering with some toys from K'NEX - Product review and giveaway


The other day was like Christmas in our house.  A big beautiful package from K'NEX arrived and my kids were overjoyed.  They ripped it open to find a Tinker Toys Vehicle Building Set and an Angry Birds Hammin' Around Building Set.  Perfect!

We all fell in love with K'NEX a long time ago, but the clincher was when we went to Monster Jam and saw the K'NEX full scale version of the Grave Digger sitting there.  If you haven't seen it, here it is!


The toys they sent us to check out did not disappoint.  My kids played for hours- yes, hours. That's pretty good because I'm lucky if my kids play for minutes sometimes.  My 4 year-old son must have built 52 things.  His imagination was roaming all over the place.  He made everything suggested on the easy to follow instructions and then went off on his own making helicopters, aliens and interesting three wheeled cars that constantly spin. Here are some pictures of his accomplishments:


P1010921 P1010920 P1010922 P1010907


My 8 year-old daughter had no problem setting up the Angry Birds set with a little help from me.  It was a great project to work on together because we could help each other equally.  The instructions were very easy and the pieces fit nicely.  When we were done, my daughter's sense of accomplishment was overwhelming.  The set is made just like the Angry Birds game you are used to playing on your iPhone.  You are supposed to set it up and use the included slingshot to fling birds at it.  My daughter was too proud of her work to knock it down.  Instead, she flung the birds at her brother's creations.  He was OK with that.


Both sets appealed to my kids for different reasons.  I asked them both what their favorite parts of their toys are and both responded with, "Building them!" 

I love the fact that the toys sparked some creativity that sometimes gets lost these days.  I could see my kids' eyes sparkle when they came up with a new creations.  Every day since we received the toys, they have been playing with them.  Also, my daughter finally did destroy her Angry Birds set-up.  Of course she built it right back up again, and the second time was even easier.

Both of these toys fit my kids' personalities perfectly.  My kids are always trying to figure out the inner workings of things.  It's not uncommon to find things completely taken apart in my son's room because he wanted to see how they work.  My daughter constantly asks questions about the mechanics of everything.  With these K'NEX toys, they are able to make their own versions of toys and then explain to us how they did it. 

K'NEX is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and would love to share their happiness with you!  Not only are they giving away plenty of prizes on their website, but I am hosting a giveaway of the awesome Tinker Toys set right here!  If you win, K'NEX will send you your own version of the Tinker Toys Vehicle Building Set that my son loves so much.  Best of luck and most importantly HAVE FUN!

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*Disclosure: I was given these toys to review by K'NEX and loved them.  I would not write anything I didn't truly feel about any product no matter what. :-)