A Lifetime in Chalk

Why I'm Doing This...

I'm not quite sure why in the world I started doing this...writing down my inner-most thoughts and then publishing them for the world -or the 3 people that may follow my blog- to see. But somewhere along the lines I thought it was a good idea, I guess. See, my mind gets full...sometimes so full that I can actually SEE the overflow. Sorta like a thought bubble clouding my vision. If I don't disperse of that bubble, I'm cloudy the entire day and don't think straight. That doesn't work well when you're a mom. Your kids start asking you the same questions over and over...not because they want to be annoying, but because you actually don't hear them. SO...after much (not so much) coaxing from my family and friends, I decided to start up a little nook here on the internet where I can shoo that thought bubble away and get on with my day.