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Like Son, Like Mother

056 Every summer my daughter has a special trip with her grandparents...both sides. This year my parents took her to see the Statue of Liberty, which she thought was amazing. My husband's parents have a tradition every year of taking her and her cousin to the boardwalk for a wonderful evening of rides and games and ice cream cones. Both trips are equally loved and are always anticipated upon once the very thought of summer comes up in conversation. This year, both sets of grandparents thought it would be a perfect time to bring my 3 year old son aboard for these adventures. My parents didn't take him to see Miss Liberty, but will be taking him on a seperate trip to the zoo. Last night, my in-laws took him with the girls to the boardwalk. He was SO excited.

All day long until Granny & Chief came to pick them up, he paced. He paced and asked questions. They all sounded basically like this, "Mom...what time are they coming?" Since he doesn't know how to actually tell time, I told him they would be coming after his nap. It was 7:30AM when these questions started...by 7:45, he was ready for his nap. Since he normally doesn't take his nap until about 1:30PM, I had to revamp my timeline for him. I told him his nap would come after we ate lunch. By 8:15, he was ready for lunch. By 9, I suggested we call Granny...maybe she could help make him understand. He sat patiently waiting with the huge phone to his little ear. Voicemail. "Mom, she didn't answer. Does that mean they're coming now?"

As funny as this all sounds, it made me smile for a different reason. He wanted to go! He hasn't wanted to be away from me at ALL since I made him go to summer camp a couple weeks ago. That was a disaster all on its own which I like to now refer to as The Days of Which We Do Not Speak. (To read more about that craziness, click here.) Anyway, the day went on and on with the questions. Granny & Chief finally got here at 4... he was beside himself. We had been waiting on the porch for what felt like an eternity. They loaded up in the truck ...3 cousins and 2 grandparents...and were on their merry way.

My husband and I took full advantage of the kidless evening and went out for a nice dinner and movie combo. Japanese hibachi steak & shrimp and Harry Potter's last flick. Great movie...highly recommend. But I couldn't help think - nonstop - about what time the kids would be back. What time? When? What time is it now? What time did Granny say? When dinner's over, then it's just a movie and they'll be back, right? Right?! ..right?