Why I'm Doing This...
Like Son, Like Mother

A Lifetime in Chalk

I watched my kids draw with chalk in the driveway for a while yesterday. I sat and picked weeds from the lawn while my daughter drew an entire universe. She's 7. Her mind started blooming artistically when she was 2. She painted a masterpiece with her fingers then. It was a Halloween pumpkin. OK, she didn't know what she did and ate more of the paint than anything, but that's ok. Yesterday, she drew a chalk solar system and put each of her family members on a planet. Of course I was on Pluto while she and her brother were on Mars and the Moon completely unsupervised. Daddy got to be on Saturn because that's the special planet....with the rings and all. He was at work, so my daughter wanted him to have a place on the best planet when he got home. She also wrote him a little note saying I Love You Dad! Looking at the starry skies she created, it made me happy. SHE made me happy. She gets it...when her brother started drawing on her creations, she made a hopscotch for him and taught him how to play. When he understood, she went back to her drawing. It made me think of her as an adult...caring for her own kids...keeping them happy while also keeping herself happy. I had to stop pulling weeds for a minute and take it all in. The universe on our driveway was immense. Our family took up the bulk of it. The words I Love You Dad were the biggest bit of it all. This was the picture of my daughter's universe. Filled with family and love. I hope it never rains.