Fun times at Laurita Winery

Two weeks ago, my family and I ventured to Laurita Winery's Food Trucks and Firepits festival.  I decided to write about it because WOW it was awesome.

As soon as we pulled up, I fell in love with the place.  Everything about it just screamed, "I love you, Cindy.  Please come sit in my fields and drink my wine."

So, I did.

I also ate.

A lot.

Here are some pics:


I stood right there and tried a whole bunch of Laurita's beautiful wines, but my favorite was Barcelona White.  My husband and I bought a bottle which they gave to us in an ice bucket with two glasses to share throughout the day.


My daughter and I then took a walk in the beautiful pathways on the outskirts of the winery.

Then it was time to EAT!  We stopped and sampled treats from several food trucks.  My husband enjoyed a Fat Philly sandwich from Five Sisters Catering.  (It had EVERYthing in it! Steak, chicken fingers, mozzerella sticks, cheese and sauce!  Delicious!)  My daughter had a homemade waffle bowl filled with ice cream from Waffle de Lys.  I tried a smoked brisket sandwich with a side of beans at the Taste of Smoke BBQ truck.  My son went with a hotdog from Jersey Johnny's Grill

Flash back to 5 minutes before arriving at Laurita:  I said to my family, "Let's all try at least ONE thing today that we have never had before."  Everyone agreed.

Flash forward to the Empanada Guy food truck when we all tried empanadas for the first time.

We LOVED them!  We tried three kinds: cheese, beef and chicken.  In fact, we went back for seconds!  Can't wait to run into the Empanada Guy again!


All told, our trip to Laurita Winery was fantastic.  The company was wonderful, the wine was great, and the food was awesome.  I can not wait to go back again and enjoy their beautiful wines and absolutely stunning views.   IMG_4147