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Egg noodles from scratch. Yes, you CAN do it!

Egg noodles

For 40 years, I allowed myself to be intimidated.  By an egg noodle.

A freaking NOODLE.

I always thought making egg noodles would be too difficult, so I opted to continue buying bag after bag each time I wanted some stroganoff or whatever.

The other night I was feeling a little brazen.  I wanted Big Grandma's Hungarian Goulash and I didn't have any egg noodles.  Instead of tearfully cowering in the corner like I would normally do, I stood up, straightened my shirt, and got out the flour and eggs.  I could DO THIS, I said to myself.

I put a cup of flour with a pinch of salt mixed in in a bowl and made a well in the middle.  I cracked two eggs in that well and beat them silly.  Then I gradually stirred the flour into the eggs along the edges until it was all incorporated and a nice little sticky dough formed.  

I stopped for a second to admire my handiwork.  Before the fear of failure crept back into my soul, I placed that sticky dough on my well-floured counter top and kneaded it for about 5 minutes until it was stretchy and smooth.  It took a lot of flour, about 1/2 a cup more. Then I took that little ball of doughy victory and put it in a covered container in the fridge while I made the rest of dinner.

After about 45 minutes, I took that dough out and split it in two.  I rolled out one half on a well floured tray until I could read a newspaper through it then I cut it into thin strips with a pizza cutter.  Then I took those little strips and laid them out on a cooling rack.

I boiled some salted water in a deep pan and threw in the noodles to cook for about 5 minutes then drained them.

Then I tried one.

SUCCESS!  They turned out so great that my kids actually finished dinner before me that night.  

Please please please don't let yourself be intimidated by a recipe like I was.  Try making our own egg noodles, too!  It really was easier than I ever thought it would be.