Spicy Cheesy Taco Chips AKA: the reason I will never lose weight
Spinach salad with warm bacon dressing AKA: Mom's fave salad of the month

Wandering thoughts before vacation...

Last week, my family and I went on an awesome vacation with some friends.  About two weeks before we left on our vacation, I vowed to not grocery shop unless we absolutely needed something.

So the day before we were about to leave, I only had a few last minute things to clean up around the house.  Like most homemakers tend to experience when planning the last remaining moments before leaving for a trip, my mind wandered.  Here's what ran through my thoughts:

-Must drink all the beer or it will go bad.

-What can I make with 15 tubs of yogurt?

-Dang, I really overshot that yogurt purchase.

-What else is in here?  Carrots.  Carrot cookies sound great! I'll just whip them up when I'm done packing for 4 people.

-Oranges never really expire, right?

-How about potatoes?

-What are the chances I'll actually make it out of here with a clean sink?

-This is the LAST load of laundry I'm doing.

-This is the LAST dish I'm going to wash.

-Should I pack tea? Sugar? The beer?

-Screw this noise. I'm throwing everything in the garbage.

-What was I thinking?! What a waste!

-Maybe I can mix up a bunch of stuff and call it trail mix. If I dump some chocolate chips in there, the kids might actually eat it.

-Can I freeze lettuce?

-How about protein shakes? Nah, they'll be good in the fridge. Besides, how would I know if they went bad? They can't taste much worse.

-Where did this pile of laundry come from?!  OK, THIS is the last load I'm doing.

-I should sweep this floor. Or get a dog.

-If I just leave all these tomatoes on the counter near the window, will I come home to some nice sun dried tomatoes or will my kitchen become a resort town for fruit flies?

-Why did I buy so much freaking yogurt?

Thankfully, our vacation went off without a hitch and we came home to fresh milk, eggs, and a couple of subs in the fridge courtesy of Granny who was watching our house.  If it weren't for her, we would probably have had to eat those tomatoes I forgot about.  Oh, to answer your question, they did NOT turn into the sun dried beauties I had hoped.