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Good times and growlers at Pinelands Brewing Co

It is always exciting when a new business comes to the area.  It's more exciting when that business is run by locals.  It's even MORE exciting when the product they are selling is great.  But you know what really makes a new business run by locals that are selling a great product the BEST?  

When that product is beer.

Pinelands Brewing Co. came to town with their hops and their hopes of bringing their delicious brews to the public.  Little did they know that they would be selling out of their delicious beers every week.

My friend Kate and I visited recently and sampled a few of Pinelands Brewing Co.'s awesome selection.  We were there for their Teacher Appreciation happy hour on a Friday evening.  (No, I'm not a teacher.  But Kate is, so I snuck in under her wing.)  I introduced myself to one of the owner's Nick Brown who not only allowed Kate and me to taste test their beer, but also showed us around a bit.

By the time we got there, they were already sold out of their award winning Pitch Pine Ale.  But we were able to sample the Lemon Wheat, Evan John Porter and the Cherry Porter.  

The Lemon Wheat was very refreshing with a really crisp, clean lemon flavor and light carbonation.  It reminded me of a summer shandy.  I could drink that on the porch on a hot summer day easily.

The Evan John Porter had a fuller flavor, but didn't taste heavy.  It tasted like an alcoholic vanilla soda to me.  I am thinking of trying it in a beer float like my friend Linda at Giggles Gobbles and Gulps makes! (I was GOING to try it using the growler of Evan John Porter we brought home afterwards, but... it didn't last long enough for me to get the ice cream.)  

The Cherry Porter was my favorite.  Cherry anything is my favorite, to be honest.  So cherries in beer was like a super duper treat.  The beer has a dark color, but tastes surprisingly light.  I could seriously get in trouble if I had any of that at home right now.  

We also sampled their delicious birch beer which has a robust birch flavor and a pretty light pink color.

We got to see where all the magic happens and learned the process they use to make their delicious beers.  Here are some pics from our trip!

Kate and me about to do some sampling!
Nick Brown showing us the first step in the brewing process
Next it's into the fermenting closet for a few weeks
Then it's carbonated and chilled to perfection
And then it's out the tap and into ma' belly!

I'm really happy to have visited the Pinelands Brewing Co. and plan to go back many more times.  The "grass roots" atmosphere is great with two tasting stations and a bunch of picnic tables out back where you can sit and relax with your beer.  You can tell they are passionate about their beers and their environment by the inviting smiles and their willingness to talk about their operation.  Nick Brown was very open to answering any of our questions about the brewing process and the beers themselves.  It was such a great night, Kate and I closed the place!  

No, we're not lushes... they closed at 7PM that night

Check out Pinelands Brewing Co. in Little Egg Harbor, NJ.  The Brewery is open every Saturday 2-6 for tours, tastings and packaged goods (22oz Bombers & 64oz Growlers when available).  Check out the Pinelands Brewing Co. Facebook page and Twitter @PinelandsBrew to find out what beers will be on tap before your next visit!