Beef Braciola (not pronounced brock-ee-o-lee) with arugula pesto
Three ingredient challenge? No problem!

Recipes from another planet... er, I mean another blog

Recipes from another planet
Before I started What the heck's a bonbon?, I posted a few recipes on my blog Whatever Works.  It got a little busy-looking over there with all those recipes mixed in between the posts where I try to write about feelings and whatnot.  So I thought I'd start fresh over here with a brandy new blog just for those weird food concoctions I like to make and write about.

If you would like to see those other recipes I previously posted, here are the links that will bring you directly to them:

I like to call this stroganoff 

Breadless cheesy garlic bread

Italian hot dogs

Potato salad with Greek yogurt and chives

Really good chicken fingers

Spicy Roasted almonds and walnuts

On the fly chicken tortilla soup

Bacon and cheddar stuffed mushrooms

Steak bites

Butternut squash soup

Grilled cod with almonds

Roasted garlic and cauliflower soup

Spicy sausage and arugula pasta

Sweet & spicy dry rubbed pork ribs

Bruschetta Panzanella

I was also very fortunate to guest post over at my friend Noelle's An Opera Singer in the Kitchen where she let me invade her beautiful blog with my clunky recipe for shepherd's pie.

All this recipe-posting craziness started after I had written a post on about why I make vegetable lasagna even though my family hates it.  After I hit publish, my friend and fellow'er Joan Oliver Emmer suggested I add my recipe to the post.  I took her advice and am very glad I did!  It's really fun posting all this stuff, even though I don't really know what I'm doing.  

I hope you will try some of these recipes and give me your feedback.  And like always, I LOVE hearing about your modifications, substitutions, ditching of ingredients, whatever!  Food is fun.  Do what you want with it.