New Year's Evolution
A Grande Life's New Year Blog Swap: Guest post by Brook from Redhead Reverie

Sorting the dirty laundry

I've been thinking about dirty laundry a lot lately- both metaphorically and actually.  As I stood sorting my family's unmentionables near the washing machine this morning, I thought about other unmentionables.  All the stuff that I leave out of converations and don't post as a Facebook status.

There is a lot.  There are times when I want to rip my hair out from frustration or throw things into a river because I just can't seem to get it right.  There are plenty of problems we all have in common that I would love to share, but don't.  Because for me, sharing them here will not fix them.  It will frustrate them further.  It will confuse them with your similar problems and make us entwined in each other's webs in which we will never get out.

No, I don't feel the need to post every bad thing.  It doesn't mean they aren't there.  It just means that posting the good things are what makes me feel better.  

Laughing is good.  Smiling is my favorite.  

Back to actual laundry: Dirty socks are the worst.  Especially when they are thrown in the hamper without being uncrumpled first.  You have to stick your hand in there - in someone else's old sweaty sock- and get it straight before tossing it in the washing machine or it won't clean properly.  

But those socks?  They're in MY family's laundry basket.  Sticking my hands in the stinky sweat is what I signed on for.  Yes, it frustrates me.  Yes, it would be great if everything was clean already and I didn't have to do laundry.  But guess what?  I know exactly how to fold my daughter's shirts so they fit nicely in her dresser.  I know that my son will grab the same blue shirt with the pirate on it every single time unless I move it to the bottom of the drawer.  And I know that we all love sitting on the couch with a pile of warm towels from the dryer on our laps.  That's enough.