Sorting the dirty laundry

New Year's Evolution


This is the first year I woke up on New Year's Day without a hangover.  I am sad to say that at 38 years-old this is the first time (besides that one time I was pregnant and that other time when I had the flu) that I woke up without that hazy cloud pulling my head down since before I was a teenager.  Sure I had some champagne, but I didn't overdo it.  

Have I evolved?  Have I finally realized that every party doesn't have to be like it's 1999?

Nah, probably not. More likely, this clearheadedness is fleeting.  But for the moment I'm going to embrace it because it REALLY got me thinking about making changes in my life.  Thankfully this thought process coincides nicely with New Year's resolution time and I can declare these changes in that fashion.  

I've decided that I've got too much stuff.  I've got too much that I have deemed important that really isn't.  Not just actual stuff, but mental stuff too.  I hold on to things ...thoughts...for one reason or another and before I know it, I have forgotten that ever-so important reason.  You know what's actually important?  Clearing away all that garbage so that the focus becomes clearer on the REAL things.

More parenting

Less internet

More health

Chill out

Pay attention

Less treats

More every day joy

I listed those things earlier because I wanted to touch on them all individually in this post.  But truthfully, just listing them explains them enough.  I want those things to be important, because they are.  People are.  Friends are.  Family is.  Everything else is just gravy.

So while this year may just be another year, it's off to a good start.  At least in my un-hungover mind.  Happy New Year to you and yours.