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My son and God

Don't trust that there Intrawebs - A lesson in humility

The past two days have been interesting for me.  Not because I did anything interesting, but because I hit "share" on Facebook when I shouldn't have.  

See, the internet is full of really cool info, but not all of it is true, apparently.  (Who knew?)  Even if you get the info from a trusted source, it could still be some falsity that can make you look stupid when reposting.

I know, because I reposted some crazy legal jargon that was supposed to protect me from copyright infringement, keep plagiarists from stealing my stuff and basically push the Devil back into Hell any time he tried to take my soul.  However, it turned out to be a hoax.  

Well, hoax isn't the right word.  I can't imagine that anyone would make up such a long legal-sounding speech with the intention of deceiving anyone.  More likely, someone wrote it in the hopes that it could protect us the way he WANTED it to, but got it wrong.  But then again, I am a believer that people are essentially good.  Naive?  Maybe.  But I refuse to think otherwise.

Case in point: I AGAIN posted something that was false last night because it looked like such a wonderful idea.  This time, it was a call for holiday cards to be sent to wounded American soldiers at the Walter Reed Center.  How nice is that?  Well, the Walter Reed Center has been closed for a few years now.  Plus, when they were open, they would not accept cards addressed to "Any Wounded Soldier".  

Ho hum.  Foiled again.

After both instances of posting these incorrect thingy-ma-bobbers, I was immediately made fun of by my friends.  They are lucky that I have a thick skin, or I might just have broken down and cried on the couch with a bowl of pumpkin mousse and a box of tissues while questioning my own validity as a human being for the rest of the day... thank goodness THAT didn't happen.  

It didn't.  I swear.  You can trust me.  It's posted on the internet, so it MUST be true.