My son says he STILL doesn't love me...still
I'm not going to do what I'm not supposed to

Eating Oreos while brushing my teeth


When carrying a bunch of clean socks to their final drawer destinations, I inevitably drop at least one.  When I go to pick it up, another one will fall.  I get that one, and another lands on the ground.  And so it goes until I usually give up and throw the whole lot up the staircase with high hopes they all land at least NEAR the door of the room they need to be in.  There they will stay collecting dust until someone realizes they need to be somewhere and puts them in the hamper. 

I heard the saying once:

'Cleaning your house while the kids are home is like brushing your teeth while eating an Oreo.'

That saying hit the nail directly on the head for me.  The dusty socks I threw up the stairs are just the tiniest pieces of cloth, but they add up.  One sock in the hallway seems to have a positive attraction to at least 2 other negative non-lifeforms at all times.  Usually some type of toy - which will also end up in the hamper.  Usually that will be the toy my kids NEED the MOST so we'll comb through every inch of floor space in every room until we finally hear the unusual clanking coming from the dryer.  Now the dryer's broken and the house is once again a mess.

My kids' attitudes are, well, if it's just going to get messy again, why clean it in the first place?  I think I might take them up on that. 

No more laundry sounds like a magical Christmas morning.  Toys everywhere?  ...Who cares?!  Dinner?  I'm sure you can find something in the pantry for yourself.  I've got a lot of books to catch up on.